Origins Midwifery provides compassionate client-centered care with a focus on prevention and health promotion. Origins Midwifery respects our client’s uniqueness, providing individualized care for all we serve. We pride ourselves with informed choice, continuity of care, choice of birthplace and evidence-based practice. As primary health providers, we collaborate with other health professionals if needed, to offer safe and effective care for the client and the family. Origins Midwifery believe parents are empowered through their experience of pregnancy and birth.


Regular scheduled visits in our clinic allows time for physical assessment, questions, discussion & teaching on topics such as nutrition, discomforts of pregnancy, prenatal classes, and signs of labor & baby care.

Labour & Birth

We offer women option for their place of birth. This includes home, hospital and birth centre.


For the first week after birth, Midwives will visit the family in their home several times to make sure the transition is going well. Then follow up care is in clinic at 2 and 6 weeks postpartum.

Breastfeeding Support

As part of your postpartum care, we offer extensive breastfeeding support and guidance to all mothers.

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